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BLOG: Reject The Gatekeepers

BLOG: Reject The Gatekeepers


So, in doing prep work for the next show, I happened across this article from something called the Podcast Business Journal.   In related news, apparently there's a thing called the Podcast Business Journal now.  

OK.  Sure. 

I'd like to take issue with the gentleman's premise that one needs to have a message worthy of podcasting.  His justification:

"We see politicians, dictators, scammers, and quacks touting things that are dangerous and/or foolish quite often. Right? Then, why should we assume that when it comes to producing a podcast, those types of individuals don’t exist?"

There is a fundamental difference between what was the original appeal of podcasting, and what he would like it to be.  When you stop to consider that it was the original appeal of podcasting that hooked him, now that he's here he wants to remake it.  I wonder if anyone has come up with the term Audio Gentrification before just now?  It certainly reminds me of that the families who love that old neighborhood charm.  It just needs a Starbucks, and bike paths, and a big green area for the dogs, and and security to keep the people that lived here before them out, and...

Suddenly it's not that neighborhood anymore, and while I would like to say that humans do that, it's only a certain kind of human that paves paradise for a parking lot. 

I see this as a very straightforward issue.  If you joined the party because there are no rules and regulations, you're not alone.  If you got into the game because your ultra-niche show might have a chance to reach more people on the internet than the public affairs toxic hellscape of Sunday Afternoon Talk Radio in your town, you're right, and your're not alone.  You got a podcast!  Wonderful!  

What you don't get to do is discourage others from joining the party for the same reasons, or others.  You know very well for every Hardcore History out there, there are eleventy-teen shows with the buds sitting on their couch drinking beers, carpet bombing the  English language with F-Bombs, and watching and commenting on crappy movies and pro-wrestling,  THAT'S THE WAY IT SHOULD BE.   We don't all have to have "something of value"  as a prerequisite to starting a podcast.   How arrogant! 

Of course, after attempting to justify this arrogance, he then would like you to know that there are people out there that say they're an expert, but they're really not.  Make sure you check them out, he says.  The implication that if you don’t meet his excreble criteria, then you don’t know what you’re talking about.   Of course, he says he’s an expert, and all his recommendations are as well.  

This man is nothing more than a gatekeeper. We all came to podcasting because there are no gatekeepers.   Don’t accept people that say there should be.  

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