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LINK:  Don't Just Interview Famous People

LINK: Don't Just Interview Famous People

Ask The Podcast Coach:

Here’s Collison’s advice. When you do get followers of your show, take care of them. And what he means is give them the content they expect from you. Ask them for input. Respond to them. He said on his show Home Gadget Geeks he gets listeners that help him find guests — because they are extremely engaged in the content he’s delivering. “Don’t get so focused on the crowds that you missed the disciples. Take good care of them.”

Seeing this in practice now with my client Outlaw Historian’s Podcast. Personally, I can’t name very many ‘famous’ historians outside of maybe Michael Bechloss or Doris Kearns Goodwin. To be honest, the only reason I know those names is because they’re Presidential Historians and usually in higher demand when things are going like they are at present, or when a President passes away. So my client doesn’t have very many ‘names’ he can call on.

What he DOES have is a very deep understanding of his content, which I’ll call a contrarian viewpoint of the Civil War (if you’re from the South), and a group of people he knows or works with that are also academics with the same level of knowledge. What ends up happening is a rather deep and thoughtful conversation. This has clearly resonated with his audience. Last week he had 400 followers on Twitter. At last check, he had over 6300. He’s connecting with people that want to hear his POV, and that of his guests.

A famous person brings ears. An expert brings credibility. They are two very different things.

LINK: Podcast Pontifications

LINK: Podcast Pontifications

PODCAST: ScrappyGull 004: Simple Rules For Guests

PODCAST: ScrappyGull 004: Simple Rules For Guests